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The Oh Wow Story

Welcome to Oh Wow Candles! We’re based in sunny Southwest Florida and we’re family-owned and operated. Oh Wow Candles started as a fun idea for Ken, Founder and Proprietor, who wanted to supply his wife, Kim, with an endless amount of candles that would replace the over-priced, big-box retailer ones she was buying. 

With Ken’s background in engineering and inventing, he got to work. He created a state-of-the-art recipe that swept Kim off her feet and had her requesting new scents. Eventually, every visitor that walked into their home would state: “OH WOW! Where did you get that candle?!”

As more and more people started asking about the candles, Ken realized that he could turn his hobby into a business where he could get his family involved, make a difference in the community and leave a legacy for his children. Ken began recruiting. His daughter Rachael had just completed her MBA at FGCU and came on board as the Director of Sales and Marketing. His wife Kim, having a background in nursing and a reputation for good taste, came on board to help with Community Outreach and scent selection. 


At Oh Wow Candles our products are made with our customers in mind. We know the importance of keeping your family safe and that’s why our mission is to bring good, healthy, natural smells to your home without the worry of toxins and carcinogens. Our products are environmentally friendly and made with 100% natural soy wax produced from American-grown soybeans. Our proprietary blend of soy waxes and phthalate-free, high-quality fragrance oils are used to create our Oh Wow products that burn cleaner and just as long (if not longer) than our competitors.

Our candles come in a variety of unique fragrances packaged with a minimal jar design that fits any style and every budget. We’ve created a broad range of “Oh Wow” products so every customer can find something they will personally enjoy. Whether you’re stocking up on the holiday aromas, looking for seasonal fragrances, or shopping for gifts, we’re confident you will love our products.


We sincerely hope to earn your business with our goal to hear you say, “Oh Wow!”


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