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Eucalyptus Odor Eliminator Set

Eucalyptus Odor Eliminator Set


BPA-Free plastic simple, sleek 100 mL diffuser with a single white LED light. Our proprietary, all-natural, plant-based odor eliminating technology is added to essential oils to provide an aromatherapy experience that also removes malodors from your space.


A more earth-friendly alternative to traditional room air fresheners. Toxin-free, all-natural and plant-based odor eliminating oil added to essential oil for fragrance is effective at removing malodors from the air. Diffuser is re-usable and waste free.


Includes: Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser, Cord, Bottle of Eucalyptus Essential Oil Plus Odor Eliminator


How to Use: Add water to diffuser, and drop desired amount of Odor Eliminator Essential Oil in water. Turn on diffuser and allow to run as needed to get rid of odor.


Oh Wow Candles strives to offer products at prices and with fragrances that out-perform our competitors!

Eucalyptus Odor Eliminator Set

  • The number of drops of essential oil you use in a diffuser depends on the well capacity, which is how much water the diffuser is designed to hold and individual oil label directions.

    When you're ready to use your essential oil diffuser, make sure to read all the package instructions and follow the directions for adding water and oil carefully. It's also important to note any instructions as far as maximum run time or whether oils should be added directly to the water or placed on a scent pad.

  • Follow these instructions carefully to prevent fire hazard or injury. Never allow an Oh Wow product to burn while unattended. Keep out of reach of small children and pets. Allow product to cool completely before handling. Always burn products on heat resistance, level surface. Do not burn around flammable materials.